v. & n.
1 (often foll. by with) protect or conceal by means of a cloth, lid, etc.
2 a extend over; occupy the whole surface of (covered in dirt; covered with writing). b (often foll. by with) strew thickly or thoroughly (covered the floor with straw). c lie over; be a covering to (the blanket scarcely covered him).
3 a protect; clothe. b (as covered adj.) wearing a hat; having a roof.
4 include; comprise; deal with (the talk covered recent discoveries).
5 travel (a specified distance) (covered sixty miles).
6 Journalism a report (events, a meeting, etc.). b investigate as a reporter.
7 be enough to defray (expenses, a bill, etc.) (pound20 should cover it).
8 a refl. take precautionary measures so as to protect oneself (had covered myself by saying I might be late). b (absol.; foll. by for) deputize or stand in for (a colleague etc.) (will you cover for me?).
9 Mil. a aim a gun etc. at. b (of a fortress, guns, etc.) command (a territory). c stand behind (a person in the front rank). d protect (an exposed person etc.) by being able to return fire.
10 a esp. Cricket stand behind (another player) to stop any missed balls. b (in team games) mark (a corresponding player of the other side).
11 (also absol.) (in some card-games) play a card higher than (one already played to the same trick).
12 (of a stallion, a bull, etc.) copulate with.
1 something that covers or protects, esp.: a a lid. b the binding of a book. c either board of this. d an envelope or the wrapper of a parcel (under separate cover). e the outer case of a pneumatic tyre. f (in pl.) bedclothes.
2 a hiding-place; a shelter.
3 woods or undergrowth sheltering game or covering the ground (see COVERT).
4 a a pretence; a screen (under cover of humility). b a spy's pretended identity or activity, intended as concealment. c Mil. a supporting force protecting an advance party from attack.
5 a funds, esp. obtained by insurance, to meet a liability or secure against a contingent loss. b the state of being protected (third-party cover).
6 a place setting at table, esp. in a restaurant.
7 Cricket = cover-point.
Phrases and idioms:
break cover (of an animal, esp. game, or a hunted person) leave a place of shelter, esp. vegetation. cover charge an extra charge levied per head in a restaurant, nightclub, etc. cover crop a crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil. cover-drive Cricket a drive past cover-point. cover girl a female model whose picture appears on magazine covers etc. cover in provide with a roof etc. covering letter (or note) an explanatory letter sent with an enclosure. cover note Brit. a temporary certificate of current insurance. cover-point Cricket
1 a fielding position on the off side and half way to the boundary.
2 a fielder at this position. cover story a news story in a magazine, that is illustrated or advertised on the front cover. cover one's tracks conceal evidence of what one has done. cover up 1 completely cover or conceal.
2 conceal (circumstances etc., esp. illicitly) (also absol. : refused to cover up for them). cover-up n. an act of concealing circumstances, esp. illicitly. from cover to cover from beginning to end of a book etc. take cover use a natural or prepared shelter against an attack.
coverable adj. coverer n.
Etymology: ME f. OF covrir, cuvrir f. L cooperire (as CO-, operire opert- cover)

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